Best Road Trip Ideas For Your Next Girls Trip

Nashville, Tenn.

What could be better than checking off your bucket list and planning a 7-day road trip with your bestie to Nashville, TN, Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC. I’m talking sheer bliss at the thought. I literally woke up one morning and called my bestie and said let’s do it. It was no better time than the present. Especially during the pandemic when lots of things were uncertain, we vowed even more to live life to the fullest. I can actually say this road trip was epic for us and I’ve already mapped out my next road trip for 2022.  

This road trip was amazing on so many levels. We literally went on a whim and didn’t plan any activities or anything in advance. We wanted to live on the edge and just enjoy the moments without it being too planned. So, I wanted to share some road trip ideas in case you’re planning the ultimate road trip.  

Here’s 10 things we did to keep it exciting and spontaneous. 

  1. We loaded up the truck with our favorite healthy fruits & snacks. 
  1. Had tons of sing-a-long sessions on the road which was hilarious in itself. I’m talking 80’s & 90’s music and screaming at the top of our lungs. So nostalgic, if I do say so myself.  
  1. Literally danced free-style in long flowing dresses at Savannah’s largest and most popular park, Forsyth Park. Talk about such a moment for us especially because we both are pretty shy and reserved. We danced like we were the only souls there and what a moment that was. And of course, we captured it all on video.  
  1. Since we both are foodies at heart, we had to follow Guy Fieri’s advice and try a restaurant on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives while in Savannah. Which was a hit! 
  1. We watched as many sunrise/sunsets as we possibly could which was so amazing. 
  1. Literally booked hotels as we got closer to the cities we were visiting. Definitely was living on the edge.  
  1. Played a road trip game and asked each other compelling questions. Super fun and insightful. 
  1. Did I add we laughed the entire trip!
  1. No trip would be complete without some thrifting & shopping and that we did.
  1. Recap of the trip to figure out the dos and don’ts in preparation for the next road trip.  

Happy road tripping! 

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