Travel Essentials List 2022

Tia in Mexico

Since the start of the pandemic, people have begun to cautiously ease back into travel mode now more than ever. Travel is absolute life to me so yes, I have definitely been doing some safe traveling. Because I am an avid traveler for both work and leisure, I’ve learned a thing or two about domestic flights. For me, traveling in-flight can be calming and also thought provoking. I can brain dump my to-do list like no other while flying the friendly skies. What keeps me at ease is having all of my travel essentials on hand. I’ve compiled a list of essentials I deem necessary to aid in me feeling comfortable and stress free during my flight.  



•Hand Sanitizer 

•Anti-Bacterial Wipes  


•Face Mist 


•Lip balm 

•Orange Essential Oil (apply to temples reduces levels of stress and anxiety) 

•KN95 Mask 

•Headsets with noise cancellation 





•Medicine (something for a headache, stomach ache or diarrhea) 

Safe travels! 

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